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Suggest a rally site

We invite caravan site owners, managers, users and our own members to recommend a rally site to the Bessacarr Owners Club for consideration for future rallies.

If you own, or have experience of, a site in UK or Europe to propose, please fill in the form and submit it. After 'moderation' for spam and suitability for the club, the suggested site will become visible to members for organising future rallies.

Submitter's contact details First name

Last name

Email address (acknowledgment will go to this address)


Position (eg Site Owner, Manager, visitor, BOC member ...)


Site information Site name

Address 1

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City or Town


Post code

Site Email (change it, if different from contact email)

Site Telephone (change it, if different from contact telephone)

Site website address (eg:

Description of site (eg Level, partly shaded, national park etc. Max 3k chars)

Check any of the following which apply to rallies/groups on the suggested site

Typical pitch fee per night

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Been to a great site lately?

Have you been on a site that you think would be especially good for a rally? Submit your suggestion now!

Things we look out for:
  • Attractive area to visit
  • Electric hookups available
  • Flattish pitches
  • Local transport for motorhomers
  • Good value local pub/restaurant
Please Email the Rally Officer with your suggestions.

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